Athens by Night

d'après Timon d'Athènes Le Songe d'une Nuit d'Eté 

de Shakespeare 

conception & mise en scène  Charles Chemin

avec  Adrian Andone, Monica Ardeleanu, Claudiu Bleont, Iulia Colan, George Costea, Corina Druc, Iulia Lazar, Sorin Leoveanu, Catalin Miculeasa, Raluca Paun, Marian Politic, Costinela Ungereanu, Catalin Vieru

Première le 30 mars 2018

Théâtre National de Craiova, Roumanie

musique  Dom Bouffard

scénographie   Adrian Damian

costumes  Luiza Enescu

lumières  Aliberto Sagretti

dramaturgie  Luiza Mitu

assistants  Costinela Ungureanu & Andrei Stefanescu


George Volceanov - Timon d'Athènes

George Toparceanu - Le Songe d'une nuit d'été

production  Théâtre National de Craiova

coproduction   groupe Karol Karol


répertoire 2018-2020  

Théâtre National de Craiova, Roumanie

1er mai 2018

Festival International Shakespeare, Craiova

ATHENS BY NIGHT  is an evening of theater composed of the two Shakespeare plays happening in the Old Athens, Timon of Athens followed by A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is an esthetical travel, where the actors navigate in the multiple layers of theater in theater and dreams within dreams, questioning the place of individual human beings in their social environment and blurring the line between theater and reality. Athens is a particularly  ambivalent setting, potentially secret and extravagant, between the palaces and the forest, old stone and nature, the reality and the dreams, mysteries, love, human singularity.

These plays question Charles Chemin and his very European artistic team (from Romania, France, United Kingdom, Italy) on how to unite and give a poetical and human meaning to our interactions. Poetical in the sense that it is based on the vibes of the human senses, the depth of verses and counterpoints to reality.

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